Living Bridges

Our 2019 conference will celebrate ideas, innovations and experiences that unite us as a global community and cut across obstacles and boundaries. Take the road less traveled and see where it takes you.


Connectivity and Community

A living bridge is formed by guiding the pliable roots of a tree across a river or stream and allowing them to strengthen and grow over time until they can support the weight of a human being. They are the means of connectivity for societies, modern and premodern, natural and industrial, traditional and trendy. They represent the resilience and patience of pioneers and the cultures that grew from just a seed of an idea. These bridges are people. Communities. A lifestyle. Making the impossible possible. We invite you to attend this year’s TEDxDartmouth conference, where our speakers will be your living bridge to innovative ideas worth spreading. Where will your roots take you next?

Image: Creative Commons Living Root Bridge is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0