Charlotte Rankin

2019 speaker


Social Activist and Advocate for Prison Reform

Charlotte Rankin was a participant in the Telling My Story class while the documentary It's Criminal was filmed. Since her release from the Sullivan County House of Correction in 2010, she has been consistently working with Professors Pati Hernandez and Ivy Schweitzer. Currently, Charlotte is a TA for the class at Dartmouth College. She has also recently joined the Board of Directors of Telling My Story.

After Charlotte's release from the county jail, the only job available to her as a convicted felon was as an assembler on a production line in a manufacturing company. Since then she has worked her way up the corporate ladder to become the industrial production supervisor. Charlotte is now able to provide the opportunity of gainful employment to other convicted felons. She has been able to get her production company to ban the box asking about criminal background, instead giving convicted felons the opportunity to explain their circumstances.

Charlotte is working hard in her community to raise awareness about addiction, inequalities in our social justice system, prison reform, and, most importantly, the connections between mental health illness and addiction. She is also fighting to change the policies and laws that make addiction a punishable criminal act and believes that as a society, we should be offering genuine rehabilitation instead of punishment.