Pati Hernandez

2019 speaker


Professor of Women & Gender Studies and Founder of Telling My Story Inc.

Pati Hernández is the founder, facilitator and executive director of Telling My Story Inc., and adjunct professor of Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies Program at Dartmouth College. After arriving in North America from Chile in 1983, she met the Bread and Puppet Theater with whom she worked on and off for over 20 years. She has directed Dance-Theater productions since 1988 at the University of Puerto Rico as well as productions with FOMMA (Strength of the Mayan Women) in Chiapas, México, and University Settlement in New York City. She started developing Telling My Story in 1995, at the University Settlement on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. In 1999, she began using the Telling My Story approach to create a platform for self-empowerment through listening and speaking with populations in crisis, including inmates, people on parole, victims of domestic violence, and recovering addicts. In 2005, students from Dartmouth College joined Telling My Story as volunteers, and in 2007, the program was developed as a course called Telling Stories for Social Change, which is offered every Fall term. In 2013 the program expanded to Telling My Story On Campus. Currently, Pati is training trainers to offer their own versions of the program.