Staci Mannella

2019 speaker


Paralympian and Advocate for Students with Disabilities

Staci Mannella has astounding vision although she is visually impaired. As a Dartmouth student and member of the U.S. Paralympics Alpine National Team she has proven that her dreams are limitless no matter what her visual acuity. Staci was born with Achromatopsia, a genetic eye condition that causes serious light sensitivity, poor visual acuity, and partial color blindness. In spite of these challenges she has been very successful throughout her ski career, winning many medals on the national and international ski racing circuits including a bronze medal at the 2017 World Championships, and an opportunity to represent the U.S. at two Paralympic Games (Sochi 2014, Pyeongchang 2018). She studies Anthropology at Dartmouth and will graduate in June of 2019. In her free time, she is a member of the D1 Dartmouth equestrian team, and her experiences as both an intercollegiate and national team athlete have shaped her goals of becoming a sports psychologist. She had been instrumental in advocating at Dartmouth for accessibility and students with disabilities and intends to continue that work in the future.